Moss Law provides comprehensive business and compliance services to California cannabis companies.

corporate and transactional services

  • Corporate formation and restructuring

  • Corporate governance 

  • Contract drafting and review

  • Trademark clearance, registration, and protection

  • Land use and zoning

regulatory compliance survices

  • Local and State compliance monitoring

  • Advertising review

  • Packaging review

city and county licensing

Securing a local (city or county) permit is crucial for any new or established cannabis business to operate in compliance with California medical and recreational cannabis laws.  A commercial cannabis application can be time consuming and expensive, and will require a substantial amount of preparation, organization, and due diligence.  While the requirements for each city or county may differ, there are a few constants that most cities will ask for, such as:

  • The names of the individuals that manage and own your entity

  •  A background check on all owners and mangers

  •  Corporate registration and governance documents (Articles of incorporation, bylaws, etc)

  •  Property description (i.e., city zoning map)

  •  Project description

  • Property owner’s authorization and acknowledgment of cannabis activity

  •  Security plan

  •  Filing fee

local permit application services 

  • Identify municipalities currently issuing or soon to issue cannabis permits

  • Identify properly zoned properties in each location

  • Commercial lease drafting and review

  • Permit application preparation

  •  Business plan development

  • Project description development

  •  Permit application submission

state licensing 

Starting in January 2018, the State of California will begin issuing medical and recreational cannabis licenses.  Moss Law will provide its clients:

  • Medical license application preparation and submission.

  • Recreational license application preparation and submission.

Disclaimer: My counsel and services are limited to activities related to cannabis that are in compliance with California state statutes, rules and regulations, and are not intended to aid or abet in the violation of any applicable laws.  Please keep in mind the use, possession, cultivation, distribution and all other activities related to cannabis are ILLEGAL under United States federal law, regardless of whether or not such activities are for medical purposes.